Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish is one of the most exciting new-ish restaurants in Mayfair. It occupies the corner of Berkeley Square so it is in the prime location. Everything from the outside of the restaurant to the bathrooms are covered in art, and the bar boasts a Damian Hirst mermaid, because why not?! Not to mention the ceiling to floor sized fish tank! It is the perfect place if you are looking to get dressed up and have some amazing cocktails and of course some of the best Asian/Seafood in London. My favourite is the scallops served in a seashell.


There are huge gold fish suspended from the ceiling, making the bar a spectacle in itself. The cocktail menu is presented in the form of a magazine called Fish Tales, which is a nice and unique touch. The service is impeccable and the staff really go above and beyond to ensure you are having a good time. It is the kind of place where you can ask for an Aviatian at the bar and not receive a baffled look or confused stare. The cocktails are innovative and updated regularly, there is even one which featured an edible ‘paint’. Be warned, it is not the kind of place to rock up to on a Saturday night, there will be almost zero chance of finding a seat at the bar and even less chance of dinner..definitely a place that needs to be booked in advance, like the rest of the best restaurants in London!

Magazine or Cocktail Menu..


Some rather Sexy Fish 

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What Lauren Loves..


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