Dining in Dubai

If  you read my post about Mauritius you will know that on the way there we had a couple of days in Dubai, a place which I am aware has been blogged about countless times and you are all bored of, however it was just a stop over en route to Mauritius (slightly more exotic). As we were only there for two nights, we had to be selective with which restaurants to visit, as to make sure we were going for the best.

On the first night we decided to visit the Four Seasons at Jumeirah Beach. The two most popular restaurants being Coya (which we have at home) and Nusr-et (only in Dubai) therefore we chose Nusr-et and had possibly the best dinner ever. The place is dimly lit and full of locals which is usually a good sign. (In comparison to the Palm which seems to be full of tourists). The staff were amazing and entertaining, and the cocktails come out on small boards full of fresh fruit and dry ice.



Before your order is taken a trolley makes its way to the table with a mini barbecue and we are asked if we wanted ‘meat sushi’ the answer was of course yes, and the thin pieces of steak were barbecued at the table, which contained rice and parmesan cheese, all wrapped into a small and delicious parcel of ‘sushi’. This is a restaurant speciality and if you do decide to visit, you must ask for it!


This was only the beginning of the feast. We continued with burgers, fries, steak tagliata (my favourite) and some simple but delicious salads which we re-ordered twice. There was nothing which wasn’t delicious but we knew we had to have the dessert…

When entering the restaurant we spotted huge dishes of baklava flying around the restaurant, with ice cream being thrown in the air. Little did we know that this would be our dessert. The huge dish arrives at the table after the main courses were cleared and they proceeded to make us ‘baklava ice cream sandwiches’. It was an overdose of sugar and I’m guessing around 1000 calories per slice however it was worth every single one. Honey was literally dripping out of the baklava itself and it was the best dessert I’ve ever eaten, considering I don’t even like desserts, this is saying a lot!

If you ever find yourself in Dubai I could not recommend Nusr-Et more… however for my vegetarian friends I would suggest you eat elsewhere, even though it is probably common sense not to visit a steak restaurant if you are vegetarian/vegan or whatever else it is people are trying out these days.

The second and last evening took us to La Petite Maison which is in the DIFC or Dubai Financial District. For anybody who has been to Dubai you will understand the impossibility which is taking a taxi… In fairness new roads are being built there everyday so it is not entirely the drivers fault that they have absolutely no idea where they are going. However once you have circled the Burj Khalifa six times, your patience does begin to wear thin. Around an hour later we arrived at our destination and were at La Petite Maison which is far less Petite than in London and we immediately recognised that the journey from hell was worth it.

The menu remains much the same however the atmosphere excelled. We ordered our favourites which included escargots (snails, for those who don’t know). Burrata with tomatoes and the most amazing deep fried calamari with jalepenos and lime to name a few…


A light dinner it was not… however it has to be noted that the escargots were the best that I have ever eaten taking the ones at L’Avenue in Paris off my top spot! Our main courses included the famous lamb chops and the green beans with foie gras, which were both better than in London which is an achievement in itself!


After two days of eating like a Queen I was more than ready to starve myself on the A380 to Mauritius. Once you have eaten like this it is difficult to settle for the ‘delicacies’ on board the Emirates flight!

What Lauren Loves..


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