Uptown Beauty

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you all about my latest obsession which is Uptown Beauty! If you are anything like me, going to get your nails done is no longer a fun or relaxing experience, more of a chore. I am never in the mood to go and get them done and there is always traffic and a severe lack of parking once I do finally arrive. Imagine if you didn’t have to do any of that.. imagine if somebody would come to your house, at a time that suits you, at no extra charge.. with the most amazing colours and products.. well you can! That is what Uptown Beauty does for you! You get to relax in the comfort of your own home and have the best manicure/beauty treatments ever. (and no one is going to talk about you in Chinese!


Amina arrived to my house (perfectly on time) and I was so impressed from the moment she walked through the door. She was professional, friendly and incredibly patient. I had the very old fashioned (apparently) acrylic powder nails which I have been getting for 6 years now. Amina and I both decided it was time to say goodbye and move into the 21st century and enter the world of Shellac. We began by soaking my nails in acetone and then Amina begun scraping the old powder off my nails, this took around 30 minutes but she was patient and friendly throughout, we were chatting away and the nails were removed in the healthiest way possible. I know for a fact if I would have gone elsewhere they would have just ‘drilled’ the nails off as a quick fix, causing much damage to my nails underneath.


Once my nails were freed from the acrylic powder, I received a full and thorough manicure. She helped me choose a colour which perfectly matched my phone case (i’m a loser, I know). Amina was so helpful from start to finish, explaining everything as she went, whilst having a general chat about blogging and Instagram (what more could you ask for!)

The end result! Loving the Hot-Pop Pink!

There was a huge variety of colours, but I went for the girliest pink possible: hot pop pink! I was so happy with the results and could not be more excited about my new find! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, Amina will come to your home if you live within zone one or two and you can find her on instagram: @loveuptownbeauty or check out the website http://www.uptownmobilebeauty.com & if that wasn’t enough ways to make the whole process seamless and fantastic, there is also an app available in the app store called UptownBeauty where you can earn rewards and book all of your treatments in an instant!

Once again, a huge thank you to Uptown Beauty!

What Lauren Loves..



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