Top 7 in..Tel Aviv

Hello everyone, this post will be all about 7 places I would recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv. My first recommendation is on where you should stay. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Herzliya which is relatively new and a huge improvement from the other hotels which have been there for many years. The rooms are huge and even boast walk in wardrobes. I was lucky enough to get a Marina view room which I would definitely recommend requesting as the view is amazing. The hotel has a rooftop pool, but is not on the beach. Worry not, there is a golf cart which takes you and some towels down to the beach whenever you like so you don’t need to carry them or yourself in the hot sun, for lazy people like myself this is perhaps the best feature of the hotel. There is also a sushi counter in the lobby which is perfect for a pre-dinner snack and cocktail before heading out to Tel Aviv.



Claro is located in the Sarona market, Tel Aviv, the restaurant looks like a countryside barn yard type of building and has an almost industrial feel to it. It boasts a big open kitchen and bakery. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is very lively. The menu has many different and delicious salads as well as good cuts of steak. What more could you want?


Gazebo Beach

Gazebo beach is a private beach club in Herzliya, there aren’t many beach clubs in Israel as most of the beaches are very relaxed and laid back and do not require reservations. Gazebo has a surf school as well as a clothes boutique, a bar, and a restaurant. You can literally spend the whole day there. However, one thing which was slightly annoying is that there are no sunbeds, just chairs, which in my opinion is not the optimal sunbathing position!



Benedict is an all-day breakfast café which is famous for it’s pancakes. I had the pancakes with blueberry compote and a side of turkey bacon and they were the best I have ever eaten. There is usually a queue outside, and they bring pancake samples out whilst you are waiting, which is a nice touch.



Messa is the perfect setting for dinner, it is all white, from the tables to the chairs and there is even fabric draping off the walls and ceilings. The food is delicious and the service is very good and friendly (something which is not the most common). For me the best part of the menu is the desserts. I love how they are presented and they are the perfect Instagram opportunity!



If you are looking for a fun night out I would recommend Clara. It is so different to London clubbing and reminds me very much of the clubs in Mykonos. It is almost completely open air and goes on until around 7am. They also have a small shop where you can buy a very embarrassing hat and have whatever you like sprayed on to it (guilty) see below:


The Norman

The Norman is a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv which has an amazing bar and great restaurant which is in the courtyard. It is very stylish and almost feels more like Paris than Tel Aviv. The cocktails are amazing and they are happy to make you whatever you fancy even if it is not on the menu. The food was also good and you are just off the Rotschild Blvd which is a nice after dinner walk to Shabazi street in the Neve Tzedek which you should also visit.


This list obviously doesn’t include any of the cultural aspects of visiting Israel, but more of a social side. If you are looking for any recommendations of cultural attractions or days out just let me know and I would be happy to share with you. I couldn’t recommend visiting Tel Aviv more and I can assure you, you will never run out of things to do or places to see. It is refreshingly laid-back and unpretentious which means you can really relax and enjoy the great food, beautiful locations and unbeatable atmosphere.


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