Orrery – Marylebone Highstreet

Happy Monday (better to be positive about the worst day of the week!) If like me you are at your desk basically falling asleep, why not read about another fabulous restaurant so you can be tired and hungry!? Orrery is a restaurant on Marylebone Highstreet, above the iconic Conran Shop which I have walked passed countless times and have always thought I wonder what it’s like, well I finally know and I can tell you you will love it. Firstly the view is amazing, it is a light and spacious restaurant with loads of natural light (ideal for taking photos, obviously) which looks over a beautiful old church. It is impeccably clean, as a restaurant should be and everything about it feels fresh (If that makes sense). I tried a variety of dishes to share with you. I loved the presentation as everything looked arty and almost too good to eat. Here are my favourites:


The deconstructed dish above is the buffalo mozzarella, pear and truffle honey. This dish was delicious and one of my favourites. The pear is an unusual accompaniment to mozzarella but definitely one I would recommend. My only criticism to this dish is that it is very very small (5 tiny pieces of mozzarella) but it is just a starter, so if you are really hungry I would recommend ordering a few starters to share.


Excuse the blurry photo but the mushroom risotto with herbs and parmesan was delicious. Risotto is never very appetising in photos but this is one of the best I have tried. Although it is very good I would probably recommend you try the salmon or chicken (Unless you are vegetarian of course).



The salmon with citrus and caramelised fennel isn’t what I was expecting but it definitely exceeded my expectations. I don’t even particularly love salmon, but I loved this one so that is definitely a good indication of a great dish. It was incredibly filling but if I can give you any advice it would be to definitely save some space for dessert. The baby chicken or ‘poussin’ as it appears on the menu with leek was my favourite of the main courses. The gravy was unlike anything I had ever tasted, but like much of the menu the unusual combination of ingredients is what makes this restaurant so special.


The first dessert is the chocolate tart with passion fruit and sorbet. The chocolate element is the best, it is literally a chocolate bowl. If you don’t order anything else on the menu, just get this. The second dessert is poached pineapple with lime and coconut sorbet. The sorbet was the best part of the dish for me and I think that the dish is beautifully presented (very photo friendly here).

Altogether I think the Orrery is a great place for lunch if you have had one too many Pret sandwiches and bland salads and are looking to eat something more exciting and different. There is also a small roof terrace with a view across Marylebone which is perfect for cocktails or a bottle of wine.

What Lauren Lovess..



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