Cowshed Spa – Primrose Hill

January is arguably one of the hardest months of the year. You have had the whole of December to drink and attend Christmas parties and eat too much and then it’s back to reality just a few days later. For all of these reasons I cannot think of a better excuse to treat yourself to a well deserved spa day where you can relax and unwind and make January just a little bit easier on yourself! Many of us do not have the time to drive off to the countryside to a spa retreat where we can relax for a few days which is why Cowshed is the perfect solution to the problem. Cowshed is a chain of day-spa’s around London (and a couple in the country side) owned by the chic Soho House group. The spa’s are perfect for a quick massage after work or simply just for a manicure and pedicure in a clean and relaxing environment where you can escape just for a little while. It is no regular sit in a huge armchair with a big lap pillow and a mini TV across from you which each time I have been has been playing ‘friends’ repeats (can’t complain). They also have a brunch menu which they will serve you in your seat which has everything from eggs and smoked salmon to avocado on toast, everything I have tried has been delicious!


The primrose hill spa has an almost country barn feel which is comforting and relaxing. All of the staff are super polite and professional and happy to help you with anything from putting on your tricky sandals after your pedicure to offering you hot drinks or pillows.


I had the Classic Pedicure and the ‘moody cow’ massage (how appropriate) which was basically an aromatherapy massage with a vast selection of oils. I chose cinnamon which reminds me of Christmas but there were also some more ‘spa’ like smells to choose from. The massage was incredible and there is even a duvet in the room if you are feeling cold which I loved.


What Lauren Lovess..


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