Island Guide..Mykonos

Happy Monday (impossible). This Summer I visited my favourite place in the world: Mykonos! It is definitely my favourite Island, and it has become better and better each year, with new restaurants and shops opening, you truly cannot run out of things to do. However, if you are only there for a short amount of time then you have to be selective to ensure you don’t miss out on what the island has to offer. Here, as usual, is a list of my favourites!

We stayed at the Belvedere hotel which is in Mykonos Town. For me this was the perfect location. Many of the hotels in Mykonos are in the hills or on beaches which are quite far from the town, taxi’s are almost impossible to get, as there are only 24 on the island, therefore it can become quite hard to leave the hotel at night. Therefore I much prefer staying in the town. The hotel also has an amazing pool and the hotel restaurant is Nobu, for me this is perfection. There is also a hotel car which can take you to all of the beach clubs, so no need to wait around for taxi’s. The hotel is quite small but beautifully decorated, with classic greek style whitewashed rooms with blue accents. Here are some photos:


We had breakfast in the hotel, which by the way is excellent. We then proceeded to relax by the pool until lunch. For lunch we went to a beach called Hippie Fish. I think that this beach has the best food in Mykonos, the menu is traditional and has the best seafood. The atmosphere is relaxing and the sunbeds are very comfortable, perfect for a post-lunch snooze. Here are some of my favourite Hippie Fish dishes:


By the evening we were ready to go out in the town. If I can offer you ladies any piece of advice it would be PACK FLATS! The roads in the town are cobbled and cobbles and heels combined are not your friend. It is not like London and there is absolutely no need to wear heels to go out so be comfortable and have fun! If you are looking for an amazing late night dinner and cocktails I recommend Interni. The music is great and the atmosphere is amazing. It is always busy so I would recommend booking in advance. 


The next day we went to Jackie O’s. It is a beach club which has a pool which you sunbathe around. It starts off quite relaxed with gentle background music, but don’t be fooled, at 5pm a kind of cabaret show starts and the music gets really going. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced before but is so entertaining and makes for a hysterical late afternoon. The food at Jackie O’s is also amazing, see below:


After a full on day we had a simple dinner in the town, we found a place called ‘Souvlaki Story’ which is the perfect place if you have had one too many cocktails at the beach. It is real comfort food and the portions are ginormous, this is supposed to be for two people:


If you only do one thing in Mykonos, I would suggest it would be to go to Nammos. It is the most famous beach club and is the most amazing place to go. It is a restaurant and beach which at around 3pm turns in to dancing on the tables (literally). The plates are cleared away and then you are free to jump up on the table and go crazy. The music is loud and the drinks are cold and it is the perfect place to over-indulge. Once you have had a full on day at Nammos, do not bother making any exciting dinner plans as you are highly unlikely to want to go anywhere except to your hotel to have room service and perhaps a spa treatment.


If you are looking for a very simple beach with excellent food and the clearest blue water I would suggest you visit Spilia, it is on top of a cliff and the view is phenomenal. This is the perfect place to chill out and relax especially if you have been at Nammos the day before. The food is so fresh and you will not regret the journey once you arrive: 


All in all, Mykonos literally has something for everyone. It suits those looking to party as well as those who are looking to relax and unwind. The town is so beautiful and unique to Mykonos. There are so many small boutiques and restaurants and honestly every place I have tried in the town has been excellent. I don’t think bad food exists in Mykonos! It is the most amazing place to visit even if just for a few days..

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