Top 10 in… Paris

Hello everyone! My friend Anna and I recently visited paris and I thought it would be fun to share where we went. You can use there as a ‘City Guide’ and it is and it is full of things to do if you are planning to go to Paris, even if just for a few days! Just to note, I have not included the ‘obvious’ tourist sites but more unique places which you may not have come across before, which I think is far more exciting!

Number 1: KONG. Kong is a relatively new venue which boasts ultra modern Japanese inspired decor. To be entirely honest the food is not the best I have ever had, especially in Paris, however I would just go to sit in the restaurant. The whole room is chic from top to bottom and it makes an excellent photo opportunity.. what more do you want!

Lunch in a glass dome? Yes Please!
Beautiful Old meets New Architecture
The food is a little ‘simple’
Plenty of Instagram opportunities!

As you can see from the photos, the location is stunning especially on a sunny day however if you are really hungry then go elsewhere! I have many recommendations…

Number 2: Le Coq

Paris is absolutely filled with cafe’s which in all honesty for the most part are very good..However this one was a little smarter / had a slightly more cool and stylish vibe. It is only about 5 minutes drive from the Trocadero, which if you did not already know is an incredible viewing point to have a look at or pose in front of (guilty). The food is simple but delicious and the portions are huge so here you will not go away hungry!


Number 3: Queen Club

Taking a break from food.. Queen Club is located on Le Champs Elysees, it is the kind of place where they play really old kind of cheesy music and you end up just going with it and having a really good time! It completely un-pretentious and has a completely different atmosphere to any club I have been in in London. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking to just have fun and go crazy and feel terrible the next day..


Number 4: L’Avenue

If you do decide to take my advice and pay Queen Club a visit then the ultimate way to nurse your hangover in style is at the famous L’Avenue. I know you have all heard all about it so I won’t bore you telling you about how cool/popular it is. However, I will recommend some of my favourite dishes which you must try! I definitely recommend the Risotto with Prawns as well as the tuna tartare. For me the best dish is the duck, the portion is huge and it is delicious! I would also recommend booking well in advance and requesting a table outside so you are not disappointed when you arrive!


My Favourite Duck with Hoisin Sauce (Must try dish)

Number 5: Monsieur Bleu

Monsieur Bleu is a must visit restaurant which is only open for dinner due to it being located partly inside a museum. The setting is fabulous, it has an outside terrace made of stone with heaters and a view of the eiffel tower which is beautifully lit at night. The food is amazing and they do the best cocktails! I could not recommend it more. It is also a pretty cool location for a mini photo shoot for instagram, so really its a win-win.

Instagram Opportunity!
Steak Can’t go wrong..
You may catch the eiffel tower light up over dinner!

Number 6: Ladureè

Once you are tired from shopping on the Champs Elysees, I love to sit in laduree with a cold sorbet and a macaroon (or 4) and relax in your own personal sugar over-dose! Another plus of eating in is you can order macaroons to go to the table instead of queuing forever to get some to take away for later!


Number 7: Louvre

Of course you can go and see the Mona Lisa, or you can take photos outside.. whatever you feel inclined to do… In fairness we had both been inside multiple times before this trip so decided on the latter..


Number 8: Narjise / Prince Palace

If you like shisha like I do, it is the perfect afternoon activity if you have an unexpected rainy day. In this situation I recommend Narjise. However if you are looking to make more of an evening of it I would recommend Prince Palace as they have good lebanese food, belly dancers and loud music. The shisha was also the best I had ever had!


Number 9: Sightsee from the car if you must!

You can even get some snacks on the way..
Oh Hey! Arc De Triomphe!

In Paris it is really easy to get all of the sites seen in one day.. However as I previously mentioned my friend and I had already been many times before so were not too bothered to go on an in depth historic tour of Paris.. We did however manage to see many of the sites from the car when going from place to place (or restaurant to restaurant..)

Number 10: Go and see some art!


Admittedly this list is not the most culturally enriching selection of activities to experience whilst in Paris, but everyone is different and there is no need to site see if you really don’t want to! However, I really would recommend going to a couple of galleries, they are always changing and it is so easy to just google and find out what is on, so no excuses! They also tend to have little coffee shops…

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