Top 7 Restaurants in…Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of my favourite places to hang out in London, I love the feel and atmosphere and the laid back vibe. It is the perfect place to have breakfast or lunch followed by some shopping. There are so many different cafés and restaurants, but as we all have our favourites, here are mine:

1. Granger & Co 

Granger & Co is my absolute favourite place for breakfast. However, they do not take reservations and there is almost always a queue around the corner. This may sound off-putting however I pinky promise you it is worth the wait. Once you finally get a table you will be extra-hungry which means you can have extra breakfast, it really is a win-win. They serve the best scrambled eggs ever, which seem to have an almost ‘whipped’ texture. However, scrambled eggs is a pathetic breakfast and we can definitely do better than that! As a ‘side’ order I would recommend the Ricotta Hotcakes with Banana and honeycomb butter. They are the best ever and you will not regret ordering them! If you do however choose to sleep in and miss the best breakfast ever, then for lunch I would recommend the linguine with prawns.

2. The Electric Diner

The electric is the best place if you are looking for some serious comfort food. It is a real diner which has the best hot-dogs, burgers and milkshakes. In my humble opinion it is the perfect location for over indulging on a Sunday evening. They do the best bloody mary’s, extra spicy, like they should be. My favourite dish is the honey-fried chicken with sesame seeds. The portions are huge and you will definitely leave very full. There is one let down which is that there are only booths alongside one wall, and the remaining tables are very cramped and close together and by the kitchen so they are particularly warm. They are so uncomfortable and the staff are usually unhelpful in getting you a better table as they like to save them for bigger groups. My advice would to be to specify you want a booth and book in advance.

3. 202

Admittedly, I first came across this restaurant due to there being too long of a queue at Granger & Co (my first choice). Usually I would wait but it was raining and we were starving so we walked around to find somewhere else. I am happy we did as it has become one of my favourite places for a quick lunch. It is an interesting concept as it is a clothes shop downstairs which is actually quite cool. The restaurant is more of an all day café and the food is excellent. My favourite is the goats cheese salad with prosciutto and caramelised onions. It is a quick and healthy-ish salad making it a great choice for a shopping break. Be warned, they turn their wifi off between 1 & 3pm so that you are encouraged (forced) to actually speak to each other…horrendous!

4. Chucs 

Chucs is another restaurant/shop combo however the food is truly amazing. It is like being transported to Italy the food is so authentic. There is a small courtyard at the back which is perfect for sipping Aperol Spritz on a lazy summer afternoon. They do an amazing St-Tropez style crudités and a traditional Italian selection of starters, mains and desserts. My favourites include the grilled octopus with potatoes, rocket, olives, cherry tomatoes and courgettes. It is so fresh and transports you to happier Mediterranean summer lunches. The beef Tagliata is also great. The waiters were traditional white suit jackets and gloves which is a nice touch. For dessert you have to have the Zabaglione with strawberries, it would be rude not to.

5. West Thirty-Six

West Thirty Six is nearer Ladbroke Grove than notting hill but I think it still counts. It is another location which is perfect for brunch and they even do a roast lunch on a Sunday. There is a very cute roof terrace which is perfect on a sunny day and even in our usual cold weather there are heaters up there which makes you feel as though you are on a cool new-york rooftop. The cocktails are amazing and they even have an unlimited Bloody-Mary option on a Sunday, you know, to wash down your roast lamb down with. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful which is becoming unusual these days and they make you feel like you are at home.

6. Ottolenghi 

Ottolenghi is great if you are on a health-kick or are simply looking for something fresh and healthy and cannot stomach another boring salad or chicken and broccoli. The food is all laid out ‘buffet’ style where they will plate or box up your choices. The plate option is slightly unlikely as there is only one sharing table at the back and it is almost always full. However, the salads are some of the best I have ever eaten and they are far from boring. There is also almost always a delicious quiche option as well as plenty of vegetarian and meat choices. If you are there for the healthy choices it may take serious will-power to stay away from the dessert section as it is literally piled high with raspberry meringues and salted-caramel brownies…

7. The Oak 

The Oak is a pub/restaurant and I have been going there since I was a small child. It is the perfect place for a family lunch and they do great pizza’s as well as Italian antipasti starters. It is super cosy and unpretentious and they are great at accommodating you without a booking. The staff are incredible and there is an extensive wine list to accompany your lunch.


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