Son of a Bun – Monaco

Happy Tuesday! Today I am going to tell you about the best burger in the world, literally! Recently I was in Monaco and discovered Son of a Bun and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much, the place is huge and has an outside courtyard area directly looking over the port, a tented middle section with heaters and then a few steps down is a huge restaurant. On our first visit (yes we went more than once) we sat outside to enjoy the view but the second time around we were cold and hungry and were more interested in looking at our burgers before our flight home. The menu is simple and there is a variety of classic burgers as well as some more interesting ones, we went for the spicy burger and the burger savouyard. The sides are also incredible, especially the mozzarella sticks with spicy tomato sauce. It is also incredibly cheap (by Monaco standards) which is always good. Here it is:


Although it may look a bit of a mess (as the best burgers do) I can promise you it is the best I have ever tried! This is a single but there is also an option to get a double if you are really starving. I couldn’t recommend it more.


The mozzarella sticks are a must order. Unfortunately due to my photography skills you can’t see the sauce, but it is in there! We got 12 to share between the two of us (oink oink).


The decor is quirky and has some ‘motivational’ quotes on the walls!

It is open for lunch and dinner as well as in the evening until around 2am where there is a DJ and cocktails. It gets really busy, even in January which is definitely a testament to how good it really is.


The views not bad either…

What Lauren Lovess..


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