Interview : Kylie’s Compass

Hello again, I recently decided that I would like to occasionally feature up and coming bloggers by way of doing small interviews. I decided this would be an amazing way to share some great stories and get new and interesting content for you all to enjoy. As i’m sure some of you have realised by now, I love to travel! So I thought what better theme to start with than Travel blogging! The first blogger I have interviewed is called Kylie Spado, who has recently started a blog called Kylie’s Compass. Let me know what you think!

Tell me something about yourself?

I have absolutely loved the idea of travelling ever since I was little. I have an older brother and I am from Suracuse, New York. Being from the City I have always been passionate about my want to travel outside of the US. My brother however has never left..

What is the first international trip you ever went on?

My first international trip was to Fiji & Australia. I went with a group called ‘International Student Volunteers.’ It was amazing to be able to volunteer for two weeks and to get the opportunity to travel all the way down the east coast of Australia. We woke up early every day and worked harder than I ever thought possible but it was all worth it in the end as I met the most incredible people and made the best memories. You can read all about it on my blog!

Do you have any travel essentials?

I don’t have many Plane essentials due to the fact I tend to sleep throughout the whole flight. Sometimes i’m even asleep before take off! On the occasion that I do wake up I like to watch the in-flight movies and i’ll always pack a good travel themed book. I tend to get dry hands from the altitude so I will also always bring a small tube of Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream in my hand luggage, it always comes in handy.

What is your dream travel destination?

My dream destination was always Fiji, but now i’ve been I really would love to go to South Africa. I think that the culture and natural beauty seems different to anywhere I have ever experienced before. I also think it would be really cool to go on Safari and see some elephants so it seems like the perfect destination.

What has travelling taught you?

Travelling has definitely taught me to become a more independent person who is more accepting of others.. It has also shown me a new global perspective and had encouraged me to be more adventurous and try new things more often.

Version 2
Kylie takes Australia!

You can find more information about Kylie’s travels at:

What Lauren Loves..


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