Roka Mayfair

Hello Lovely People, today I will be telling you all about Roka Mayfair. If you’ve been following for a while or have been kind enough to read my previous posts you will know that Roka Charlotte Street is one of my all time favourite Japanese restaurants. I love the laid back vibe and the simple and delicious food which is full of flavour. I feel that the food at Roka is authentic and that the Robata grill makes all the difference in creating this. As I mentioned before Charlotte Street is definitely my preferred location however I was in Mayfair this weekend and was craving some Japanese food so thought to give this Roka location another chance. Of course, there wasn’t a table free as it is clearly the whole area’s Sunday lunch go -to so we patiently waited for two seats at the counter. Usually I don’t like eating at the Bar or Counter however this one is surprisingly comfortable and spacious, making it quite pleasant. The entire experience had improved hugely from my last visit on it’s opening however Charlotte Street still reigns supreme in my opinion. The food was excellent however the service was quite slow, this could be due to it being busy however in my opinion a restaurant at this level should have enough staff to keep the standard high no matter what. Here is my favourite selection of dishes:

The famous yellowfin Tuna Tataki with apple mustard is my absolute favourite. The sauce has a real kick and accompanies the tuna perfectly. A definite must try!
My mums favourite..spinach leaves with sesame dressing. The dressing is delicious and I love the simple but effective presentation of this dish.
This dish was recommended by our waitress. It is the aubergine with miso sauce. It may look like a simple dish however it is definitely not simple on flavour!
The black cod dumplings..I don’t particularly like this dish however I know many people that do. I find they are slightly too ‘fishy’ tasting. I know, they are fish..
A simple classic..Prawn tempura and avocado maki are the perfect side order and are great to satisfy your sushi cravings!
The ribs..I have written all about these in my Charlotte Street post, go and check it out!

All in all the food is great and that is the main thing. However, I do feel that the speed of service needs some attention, particularly at peak times. The Mayfair location is ideal as it is only 4 minutes walk to Selfridges so you can conveniently pop in after lunch! If you have any restaurants in central London you would like me to review I would be more than happy to go and try them on your behalf. Let me know in the Comments!


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