Taqueria – Notting Hill

Hello everybody! I know it’s been a little longer than usual but with Christmas and a quick trip to Monaco out of the way I am ready to go (again). As some of you may know I have a soft spot for restaurants in notting hill (and restaurants in general really) which doesn’t seem to be going away! Taqueria opened relatively recently and I kept driving past it and meaning to try it but never got around to it. I finally went and it was not exactly what I was expecting..the food was good, not great but the drinks definitely made up for it. I decided to go for lunch but in future would probably go for dinner and make it more of a drinks with food on the side thing if you know what I mean! It is a menu which is comprised mainly of tacos (Hence the name) and some of them were excellent. Here are a few of the things we tried:


The Tuna Tostada was a good start to the meal. However be aware that it literally comes as one piece, so not great for sharing although most of the menu is intended to be shared. We ordered one each as they are small and we were hungry. It is comprised of sliced raw tuna, guacamole, chipotle mayonnaise and crispy onions. They also have an amazing hot sauce on the table which I definitely added myself.


After our Tuna snack we ordered a selection of tacos including the steak tacos which had charcoal grilled steak, browned cheese, avocado cream, roasted tomato salsa and pico de gallo. This was delicious and a must order dish. Again, the serving sizes are a little strange as you receive two tacos per order which isn’t ideal if you are three people as we were. This meant we ordered two of everything and ended up with far too much food (our fault for being greedy!)


We then tried the ceviche tostada which was lime ‘cooked’ cod, avocado, tomato, jalapeño and onion. Unfortunately there was a little too much of a lime taste which over powered the other ingredients but the fish was very fresh and it was definitely more than edible.


The Roadside Chicken Tacos were delicious and definitely made up for the overly limey fish! They contained  charcoal grilled chicken, scotch bonnet mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatillo àrbol salsa and beans. The tacos are really filling so I would probably recommend ordering two different ones per person and definitely including this one!


We were recommended some sides by our waitress and we went with her suggestion of
corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cheese, chipotle powder and lime which was amazing! We also got the ‘salad wedge’ with iceberg lettuce, creamy avocado herb dressing, aged cheese and pomegranate seeds. This we really didn’t like, mainly due to the avocado dressing which didn’t go well with the cheese.


As I mentioned at the beginning the drinks are to die for, especially the Hibiscus Margarita! They have more margaritas than I have ever seen on a London menu including flavours such as watermelon and passion fruit. I definitely intend to go back and try them all (for review purposes, of course!)

What Lauren Loves..


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