Park Chinois – Berkeley Street

Hello everyone, I recently had a very festive night out (Chinese New Year style) and can’t wait to share with you all how much I love this restaurant. Royal China Club has finally been knocked off my top spot (I still love it really). Keep in mind there isn’t always so much ‘entertainment’ but the food is always as good, if not better. Park Chinois is a Chinese restaurant which doesn’t feel like a Chinese restaurant if that makes sense. It is uber smart, beautiful flowers: always, and plush velvet red seating and sofas around the tables. It looks like a restaurant from another (much more elegant) time. The waiters and waitresses wear white jackets and gloves and you cannot fault the service or atmosphere. For Chinese New Year they made it even more special by adding some ‘cabaret’ style entertainment. It really was a show and they definitely know how to do it.


Our host for the evening was ever so stylish and a rather striking jacket to match. He introduced the acts and was hilarious. Usually there is a ‘no photos’ policy (obviously not when i’m around) which makes it quite difficult to take flash photos of the food but I tried my best (risking it for you all to see!) Here is some of the food which I managed to capture whilst being slightly glared at by the waitress-


The main event however is the Duck which you have to order 48hrs in advance. I didn’t manage to get a photo due to everyone diving in far too quickly but it is honestly the best I have ever eaten. It isn’t shredded but whole with a crispy almost separated skin, with the usual trimmings of pancakes, hoisin sauce and spring onions and finely sliced cucumber. It is very rich so I would bare that in mind when ordering other accompaniments as you may want something more ‘refreshing’ on the side.

Now for the entertainment-

– Barbie Cabaret – 


Domino’s Pizza ‘ACT’ real pizza though (definitely didn’t say no!)

Altogether it was an evening full of laughter and incredible food (what more do you really want). Even though regular nights at Park Chinois aren’t quite so action packed with entertainment, there is always some live music and the food has been consistently good which makes it a great place to go if you don’t want to take any risks. It really is 10/10!

What Lauren Lovess…



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