Royal China Club

I‘ts finally Friday! Looking for somewhere new to go out tonight? Now the weather is colder and your looking for hot and comforting food I could not recommend the Royal China Club more. The Royal China Club is located on Baker Street in London, there is also the ‘Royal China’ which is part of the same chain. Personally, I prefer the Royal China Club as they are renowned for their extensive seafood selection and more exotic dishes. I will share a few of my favourites:


To start you have to get a basket (or 5) of the mixed seafood dim-sum. It is the best I have ever tried and each one is delicious. It is a restaurant speciality and on Sunday’s they do a separate dim-sum menu, which is the perfect way to nurse a hangover or to simply over-indulge before the week ahead. For me, I cannot go to a Chinese restaurant and not order a peking duck and pancakes with hoisin sauce. They will even roll the pancakes for you #lazygirlproblems.

To continue your chinese feast I would recommend my absolute favourite which is the Lobster in XO sauce. It is served out of the shell (which is always a plus!) and is mixed together with green beans and onions. The sauce is amazing and is a dish you cannot not order! The Royal China Club also has the more simple Chinese dishes if you are not feeling adventurous, meaning there is something for everyone.


A final must-try dish is the aubergine served in a clay pot. It comes out sizzling in oyster sauce with green beans and hot aubergine. It is delicious and makes a good accompaniment with the fried main courses (the usual suspects). 


If you are bored of Chinese restaurants that bring out the same greasy food that all tastes the same then this is the place for you! Every dish is served fresh and with balanced flavours and sauces where necessary. The staff are so polite and you feel right at home! The lobster dish is my favourite and is a must try!

Happy eating!

What Lauren Loves..


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