The Beaumont – Colony Grill

The Beaumont is one of my favourite hotels in Mayfair as it is is in the perfect location, just across from Selfridges, in the most beautiful cobbled surroundings. It is such a stunning hotel which has such a homely feel, and of course boasts the excellent Colony Grill. The Grill has an American/British crossover menu and has everything from Macaroni Cheese to Roast Lamb Sunday Lunch. There are simple pastrami sandwiches and chopped salads, meaning that there is something for everyone. A light lunch it is not, but it is definitely worth the calories!

The dining room is lined with plush red leather booths and wall to wall art deco artwork. It is a warm restaurant with a cosy family feel.
My favourite dish is the Chicken Pot Pie. It is the perfect lunch on a cold winter’s day or if you are simply looking for some comfort food. This is the best one I have tried at a restaurant as it tastes completely home-made and the pastry is to die for.
The filling of the famous chicken pot pie!
Macaroni Cheese Heaven!
A traditional Sunday Roast.
As if your lunch or dinner couldn’t get better..With the dessert menu they will also bring you a bespoke sundae menu where you can select as many toppings as you like! Heaven!
If an ice cream Sundae isn’t your thing then worry not..they also have a full dessert menu and it features my favourite dessert ever..Baked Alaska! They bring it over on a gold trolley to your table where they ‘bake’ it in front of you. It is the best dessert I have ever tried and believe me I have tried quite a few!

Check out the Video here…

What Lauren Loves..


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