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Hello everybody, happy Thursday (if that’s possible). This evening I am going to tell you all about probably the most talked about/blogged about restaurant in London, I’ll try to be more original in future however beggars can’t be choosers as they say. In London we are lucky enough to have two Nobu’s. One on Old Park Lane and the other on Berkeley Street. Although they share practically identical menus they have slightly different vibes. I personally prefer the atmosphere and crowd at the Park Lane location however I do feel that Berkeley Street has a much better bar with music. So if you are looking for a civilised mid-week dinner or relaxing Sunday lunch I would definitely suggest you visit Park Lane. However, if it is Saturday night or you are looking for more of a party vibe or night out I would say you would prefer Berkeley Street. It has to be noted that the quality of food and service is exemplary at both locations, with both being on the same level the decision on where to eat is entirely yours and the receptionists..who will tell you they are fully booked..keep trying, eventually they will find you a table if you call enough times.

I am going to share with you my favourite tried and tested dishes which I order each time. I find when you discover something you love its difficult to not order it over and over again even if it means you end up with the same 10 dishes each time.

The first dish and my absolute all time favourite is the Fried rice cubes (doesn’t sound appetising, I know) with a crispy outer shell accompanied by spicy tuna and salmon ceviche which can be dipped or spooned on top of the rice, simply amazing! When ordering at Nobu it’s difficult to be selective as everything sounds good, and usually is! However this dish is definitely not to be missed!


My next recommendation is a classic dish and one of the simple favourites. Rock shrimp tempura with three sauces on the side. You can order this dish tossed in one sauce however I that this makes you lose the texture and taste of the shrimp itself. Each sauce is different yet equally delicious and being able to dip them as you please is a better way to eat it in my opinion! The portion is also huge and makes a great dish for sharing (or not).


Be Warned..if you try this dish you are never going to be able to find one which matches it elsewhere. Ever since trying it I order it at every other Japanese restaurant I go to and have been disappointed every single time. This dish is the Jalepeno Yellowtail with Ponzu sauce. I do not know a single person who doesn’t like it and I have been known to finish two orders of it by myself. If I had to choose one dish at Nobu it would be this one. The photo doesn’t even do it justice, just trust me on this one.


I may be the only blogger/girl on the planet who is not obsessed with Sushi rolls..they just don’t really do it for me. However, when at a Japanese restaurant I feel oddly obliged to order at least a couple. Don’t get me wrong the ones at Nobu are excellent, especially the prawn tempura roll, however I just feel you make yourself so full on these rolls and then are too full to eat the more interesting food, but that is just my humble opinion. I would say that at Nobu in particular that the hot dishes and the sashimi’s and tartars are far better than the cut rolls. I don’t want them to feel left out though, so here are some for your enjoyment:


Moving on…Black cod: the dish often imitated but never well! This is most definitely the exception, it is perfectly cooked and melts in the mouth whilst being delicately flavoured and for once not drowned in a bizarre sauce! It is one of nobu’s most famous dishes and once you have tasted it you will definitely see why! It makes the perfect main course and I would recommend one between two as it is quite large and incredibly rich.


The Lobster Salad (£22) you might be thinking where is the lobster? This was my initial reaction when this monstrosity of a green mess made its way over! If you look really closely (just a little more) you may be able to spot the four minuscule pieces of lobster served underneath the overwhelming green abundance of lettuce leaves. For what there is of it..its delicious however I am not the biggest fan of the presentation of this dish and there definitely needs to be a better lobster/leaves ratio. It makes a good side dish or starter to share among many others. You may want to bring a microscope in your handbag in order to identify the lobster though..


If you have room for dessert I have one suggestion and that is the chocolate bento box which is a hot chocolate fondant accompanied by green tea ice-cream. It is delicious but incredibly rich, however it is worth ordering if you have a sweet tooth at the end of the meal. In conclusion I could not recommend Nobu more (both locations) and you can definitely rely on them to give you an amazing experience each and every time. You will not be disappointed, however if you are trying to watch your waist line or bank balance I would recommend going elsewhere!


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