Island Guide: Mauritius

One of my favourite trips from last year was Mauritius. If any of you are planning to go to Mauritius I would highly recommend stopping in Dubai: firstly because it breaks up the unbearable 14 hour flight and secondly because once you get to Mauritius it is very peaceful but there is not too much to do, so party in Dubai and then relax and recover in Mauritius…

We arrived in Mauritius at around 8pm local time as the drive from the airport is around an hour, it is incredibly beautiful as you are driving through sugar cane which is around two meters high and the sun was setting. However, if you are anything like me once you’ve been on an eight hour flight you just want to get to the hotel as soon as possible. It is also incredibly hot, even at night, so air conditioning is also a welcome feeling. We stayed at the Shangri-La Le Touessrok resort which was previously a four seasons hotel. It had just been redone and was absolutely stunning. The rooms were huge and beautifully decorated, in a modern yet elegant style. Of course I am going to include some photos!


Even the lobby (above) is simple yet Chic and the perfect place to relax under the fans when you have had too much sun. As if it couldn’t look better there was also an ice cream/sorbet freezer as well as a counter of snacks available all day and night in the lobby which we definitely made use of!

As we arrived at night we were unaware of how beautiful it actually was until we woke up the next day and prepared ourselves for a long day of baking in the sun. The water was see though with patches of bright blue, you could practically see the sand on the floor beneath you. The hotel had the most amazing beach furniture in my favourite colour…pink…every girls dream! It was decorated with fairy lights and over sized cushions where you could relax with your feet in the sand.


After a few hours of sunbathing we were all starving, I’m not sure what it is about doing nothing all day which makes you only think about food even though you are doing nothing active! We decided to eat at ‘Republik’ which was the hotels less formal beach bar and grill where you could enjoy lunch, breakfast or even dinner if you were so inclined in a very chilled setting with an international menu. Anybody who has stayed in a resort hotel will tell you that after a few days of eating in the same restaurant with the same menu you are bored of the food quickly. However we were lucky that we liked everything on the menu and there was such a variety of options that it was difficult to be bored.. from the healthy salad nicoise to the spaghetti with lobster and olives, everything was delicious!


The hotel also has two pools, one for families and one only for adults. I opted for the adults pool every day due to the fact that children jumping in and out of the water all day does not make for the most relaxing atmosphere. The adults pool is also black slate and is on the beach with the view of the sea, making it the obvious choice if you are there without children! The pool staff also come around every hour with cold towels and water, making it the perfect sunbathing spot!


After a few days of not leaving the hotel it became a unanimous decision that we were going slightly stir-crazy and needed to see something different. We decided to visit the One&Only St Gerain which we had stayed in before, to have some cocktails and dinner at their Indian Restaurant. The food was incredible and was a cuisine which we had not eaten yet which definitely created a welcome change…


The next day we were even more adventurous and went out on a boat to go and see the famous waterfall, unfortunately I did not get any photos as my phone and camera would have been soaked however do feel free to do a google search if you are so inclined to see what I am talking about!


All in all I could not recommend the hotel more if you are looking for somewhere to completely relax and not have to lift a finger. Although we chose to have a relaxing stay there are many other activities you can do in Mauritius apart from eating, drinking and sunbathing (oops). You can go zip lining in the jungle as well as quad biking in the mountains. The hotel is incredibly helpful and more than willing to organise activities for you if you wish! I can guarantee you return home feeling 100% relaxed and with the best tan ever!

There is also a resident pet, what more can you wish for!


My next post will be about my favourite things to do in Dubai, so check back in in a couple of days!

What Lauren Loves..


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