Roka Charlotte Street

Happy Sunday! Looking for a delicious Sunday lunch? Then Roka is your place. Roka is a well known and loved Japanese restaurant which has two locations, one in Charlotte Street and the second on North Audley Street in Mayfair. I personally prefer the Charlotte Street location as it is the original and I find it is far less pretentious and has far better service. It is extremely popular with good reason to be so. The food is immaculately presented, with intricate flavour and subtle yet unusual ingredients in some dishes. I cannot fault, from what I have tried on their menu any dishes whatsoever.

Of course we all have our favourites and to name a few of mine I must start with the Spicy Tuna Tataki which is complimented with an apple puree type garnish. These are not too things which I would normally place together however the success of this dish is simply undeniable.


Another all time favourite would be the glazed baby back ribs which are garnished with cashew nuts. (Both dishes are an absolute must!) The atmosphere is sophisticated yet not pretentious. The food is prepared in the centre of the restaurant which boasts an open-kitchen with the chefs present. It has a friendly vibe and all of the staff are so polite and welcoming which is so refreshing to see. The cocktails are also phenomenal!


If you are looking for a more ‘traditional’ dinner then I would recommend the Wagyu steak which is literally cooked in front of you if you sit at the Chef’s table. In my opinion it is better to order a lot of dishes to share at this restaurant as they are quite small but very good.


What Lauren Loves..


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