The Electric Cinema

Cinemas can be quite hit and miss. Some are far too big and you can’t find the perfect place to sit, and some are too small with a screen to match. My ultimate worst however are cinemas with uncomfortable chairs and air conditioning which is on too high, causing you to endure the film in a cold draft and leaving the whole experience with a back ache. This however does not have to be the case! The Electric Cinema is none of these things. It is neither too big nor too small. The chairs are leather arm chairs, complete with snack table and foot stall. There is air conditioning however if you do begin to feel cold, simply open your foot stall and inside you will find a cashmere blanket..perfection. There is an old fashioned sweet ‘Pick&Mix’ on entrance and a snack menu which features hamburgers and hotdogs as well as chicken wings and nachos, all of which can be delivered to your chair so you can sit back and relax, literally. It is the perfect place for a rainy day or a lazy afternoon, however do be sure to book in advance as the popular screenings often sell out a couple of days before.


Not a squeaky chair in sight..phew!
Chicken wings please!
And a Hot Dog on the side…

You can find the Electric Cinema in Portobello as well as in Shoreditch: check it out here:


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