Farmers Market – Queen’s Park

Hello everyone, it is definitely feeling like a Tuesday in London..cold, rainy and just a little bit dreary. However just a couple of days ago it was the best day of the week..Sunday…and instead of the usual Mayfair lunch I decided to do something different (still involving food though, obviously). Every Sunday from 10am-2pm there is a Farmer’s Market in the Salusbury Primary school in Queen’s Park. It is located on Salusbury Road and happens each and every Sunday, it also regularly makes an appearance behind Marylebone High-Street. Admittedly, I am not a pro on what a farmers market should involve however this one is quite small and has everything from organic mushrooms to chicken gyoza’s (the best ever).


If you’ve missed breakfast due to being asleep before the market starts then worry not, you can grab an organic sausage roll or breakfast roll (organic eggs included) from a stall near the entrance. However, do not order the biggest burger there as you will regret it once you see the other offerings!


There is plenty of fresh produce, most of which is organic and far better than you will find in Waitrose. The tomato stall also sells organic tomato juice, so you can have an organic bloody mary in the afternoon, as well as organic salsa (to dip your doritos in).


If tomatoes and mushrooms are not your thing, then there is also an Italian stand where you can buy fresh pasta and ravioli, as well as fresh pasta sauces and basil pesto. There are also loads of free samples for you to try while you decide…


Leaving the best until last…the Gyoza stand. For £3 you can choose 4 gyoza’s, either vegetarian or chicken, or mixed. I think it may be the best £3 I have ever spent, in fact, the best £6, as once we finished the first four we queued again to get another 4! They are delicious and they have the best condiments you can put on top of them, including the hottest chilli sauce I have ever tried which is also for sale. I could not recommend it more and it is even worth the trip to the market just to taste them.


The market, although small, really does have something for everyone. It doesn’t feel like London at all, and it is refreshing to see the farmers selling what they have produced and packaged themselves. From organic raw apple juice to chocolate cupcakes. I highly recommend it and it is definitely worth the trip, even if it is just for the famous gyoza’s…

What Lauren Lovess..


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